Brentwood Pathways Team

The Brentwood Pathways team is located in the SLC building. We are open from 9 am to 3 pm on all working days. We appreciate students checking the availability of our team members via Teams and booking an appointment before seeing us in the Pathways Office.

Members of the Brentwood Pathways team are committed to providing everyone a positive, safe, and unbiased environment where each is supported to achieve their future goals.

We are bound by Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners and the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics guides the professional behaviour and practice of Australian Career Development Practitioners and informs the public about the ethical standards to which Australian Career Development Practitioners must adhere.

A copy of our service notice can be accessed here:

Our Team

Director of Pathways & VCE:

Nicole Green

Pathways Managers:

Venkata Kalva

Timothy Li

Pathways Counsellor:

Bridget Dowling

VASS, VET & VM Administrator:

Rebecca Buck

VASS Administrator (VCE) and Attendance:

Janelle Pentreath 

Please email all enquiries to